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The taxonomy optimization problem

Let us add further reflexions on the remaining 1% problem. As hinted at previously, the remaining 1% problem may only be solved by general AI (GAI). Let us sketch in a series of posts what features are required for general AI in this context. On feature of GAI would be the ability to solve the ‘taxonomy optimization problem’. Let’s focus on defining it (very roughly, to begin with). Let us consider a given language, defined with a certain number of words, and a corpus of sentences (or a set of rules to define licit sentences in this language). In this context, the ‘taxonomy optimization problem’ is the question of deciding what is the simplest taxonomy with its associated rules to resolve the type ambiguities existing in this language? This feature of GAI would be notably capable of defining the best taxonomy for resolving type ambiguities existing within this language. And it is possible that such a feature of GAI would revolutionize grammar and our present grammatical taxonomy.