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A Brief Introduction to N-universes

Preprint.  I present in this paper the basic elements of the n-universes, from an essentially pragmatic standpoint, i.e. by describing accurately the step-by-step process which leads to the modelling of a thought experiment. A Brief Introduction to N-universes Paul Franceschi The n-universes are a methodological tool whose scope proves to be general and which find […]

Probabilistic Situations for Goodmanian N-universes

A paper appeared (2006) in French in the Journal of Philosophical Research, vol. 31, pages 123-141, under the title “Situations probabilistes pour n-univers goodmaniens.” I proceed to describe several applications of the theory of n-universes through several different probabilistic situations. I describe first how n-universes can be used as an extension of the probability spaces used in probability theory. […]