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Elements of Dialectical Contextualism

Posprint in English (with additional illustrations) of  an article appeared in French in the collective book (pages 581-608) written on the occasion of the 60th birthday of Pascal Engel. Abstract In what follows, I strive to present the elements of a philosophical doctrine, which can be defined as dialectical contextualism. I proceed first to define the elements […]

A Third Route to the Doomsday Argument

A paper published (2009) in English in the Journal of Philosophical Research, vol. 34, pages 263-278 (with significant changes with regard to the preprint). In this paper, I present a solution to the Doomsday argument based on a third type of solution, by contrast with, on the one hand, the Carter-Leslie view and on the other hand, the […]

An Introduction to Analytic Philosophy

In this book, Paul Franceschi provides us with an introduction to analytic philosophy. In a concrete way, he chooses to describe forty paradoxes, arguments or philosophical issues that represent so many challenges for contemporary philosophy and human intelligence, for some paradoxes of millennial origin—such as the Liar or the sorites paradox—are still unresolved in the […]

A Solution to the Doomsday Argument

Un article publié en français dans the Canadian Journal of Philosophy Volume 28, Juillet 1998, pages 227-46. Cet article présente une solution pour l’Argument de l’Apocalypse (DA). Je montre tout d’abord qu’il n’existe pas de critère objectif pour le choix en général d’une classe de référence: dans ce cas, le calcul inhérent à DA ne peut pas […]

The Doomsday Argument and Hempel’s Problem

Posprint in English (with additional illustrations from wikimedia commons) of a paper published in French in the Canadian Journal of Philosophy Vol.29, July 1999, pp. 139-56 under the title “Comment l’Urne de Carter et Leslie se Déverse dans celle de Hempel”.I begin by describing a solution to Hempel’s Problem. I recall, second, the solution to the Doomsday Argument described […]