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A Dichotomic Analysis of the Surprise Examination Paradox

English translation of a paper appeared in French in Philosophiques 2005, vol. 32, pages 399-421 (with minor changes with regard to the published version). This paper proposes a new framework to solve the surprise examination paradox. I survey preliminary the main contributions to the literature related to the paradox. I introduce then a distinction between a monist and […]

The Simulation Argument and the Reference Class Problem: the Dialectical Contextualist’s Standpoint

Postprint. I present in this paper an analysis of the Simulation Argument from a dialectical contextualist’s standpoint. This analysis is grounded on the reference class problem. I begin with describing in detail Bostrom’s Simulation Argument. I identify then the reference class within the Simulation Argument. I also point out a reference class problem, by applying […]

A Solution to the Doomsday Argument

Un article publié en français dans the Canadian Journal of Philosophy Volume 28, Juillet 1998, pages 227-46. Cet article présente une solution pour l’Argument de l’Apocalypse (DA). Je montre tout d’abord qu’il n’existe pas de critère objectif pour le choix en général d’une classe de référence: dans ce cas, le calcul inhérent à DA ne peut pas […]

The Doomsday Argument and Hempel’s Problem

Posprint in English (with additional illustrations from wikimedia commons) of a paper published in French in the Canadian Journal of Philosophy Vol.29, July 1999, pp. 139-56 under the title “Comment l’Urne de Carter et Leslie se Déverse dans celle de Hempel”.I begin by describing a solution to Hempel’s Problem. I recall, second, the solution to the Doomsday Argument described […]