Percentage of ambiguous words in French sentence (from French to Corsican translation perspective)

What is the average percentage of ambiguous words in a French sentence (from a French to Corsican translation perspective). In the above example, this percentage amounts to 20/99 words = approximately 20%. Not all semantic ambiguities are taken into account here, so the real average should amount at least to 25%.

  • le = u/lu: definite article or pronoun (the/it)
  • est = livanti/hè: masculine noun or verb (east/is)
  • culminant = culminanti/culminendu: adjective or gerund
  • émerge = emerghju/emerghji: first person or third person verb
  • commence = principiu/principia: first person or third person verb (begin/begins)
  • cesse = cessu/cessa: first person or third person verb (cease/ceases)
  • volcanique = vulcanicu/vulcanica: adjective, masculine of feminine (volcanic, unambiguous from a French to English translation perspective)