Ambiguous images
Conflict resolution
Conflict resolution with matrices of concepts
Conflict types relating to matrices of concepts
Dialectical contextualism
Dialectical monism
Dialectical monism in ancient Aztec philosophy
Dialectical monism in Heraclitus
Dichotomic analysis
Dichotomic analysis applied to paradox resolution
Dual poles
Instance of one-sidedness fallacy
Matrices of concepts
Bistable cognition
Bistable perception
Omission of the neutral
One-sidedness bias
Philosophical paradox as conflict
Polar contraries
Principle of dialectical indifference
Reference class
Reference class problem
Reference class problem in philosophical paradoxes
Reference class problem in the Doomsday argument
Reference class problem in Hempel’s paradox
Reference class problem in the Surprise examination paradox
System of taxa
Viewpoint of a duality
Viewpoint of a given pole