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Viewpoint of a pole

Let us define the concept of point of view related to a given pole of an A/Ā duality: we get then, for example (at the level of the extension/restriction duality) the standpoint by extension, as well as the viewpoint by restriction. … Continue reading

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Principle of dialectical indifference

(PRINCIPLE OF DIALECTICAL INDIFFERENCE) When considering a given object o and the reference class E associated with it, from the angle of duality A/Ā, all things being equal, it should be given equal weight to the viewpoint of the A … Continue reading

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Viewpoint of a duality

Viewpoints relative to a given duality are viewpoints that concerne a given duality A/Ā. Examples (js): viewpoint relative to the [Quantitative/Qualitative] Internal/ExternalQuantitative/QualitativeVisible/InvisibleAbsolute/RelativeAbstract/ConcreteStatic/DynamicDiachronic/SynchronicSingle/MultipleExtension/RestrictionAesthetic/PracticalPrecise/VagueFinite/InfiniteSingle/compound, Individual/CollectiveAnalytical/SyntheticImplicit/ExplicitVoluntary/Involuntary Similar notions: Viewpoint of a pole

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