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A two-sided analysis of postpositions

#preposition #postposition Consider the following adverbs: après (after, dopu) (he would eat after), avant (before, nanzi) (they had seen them before). They can also be considered as prepositions: après la fête: after the feast, dopu à a festa avant le mois de juin: before the month of June, nanzi u mesi di ghjunghjuLikewise, during is […]

More on two-sided grammar

Let’s focus on analyzing the following phrases: à force de courage (bravely) à force de courage et de persévérance (by dint of courage and perseverance) avec beaucoup d’abnégation (selflessly) d’une manière ou d’une autre (in any way) d’une façon vraiment admirable (in a very admirable way) au moment le plus opportun (when most appropriate) What […]