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Another case of firstname ambiguity: ‘Noël’

Translation of the French word ‘Noël’ yields another case of ambiguity. For ‘Noël’ can translate: either into Natali (Christmas, Christmas Day): the annual festival commemorating Jesus Christ’s birth or into, identically, Natali (‘Noel‘): the firstname Now it seems there is no case of disambiguation, since in either case, ‘Noël’ in French translates into Natali (Natali in sartinese and […]

The case of ‘Toussaint’

‘Toussaint’ is a special case for disambiguation. It can designate: either the firstname ‘Toussaint’ (Toussaint in English) = Santu in Corsican language (masculine & singular proper noun) or the feminine & singular (in French) proper noun that refers to the Christian festival. It translates into I Santi in Corsican, i.e. a masculine & plural proper noun […]