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Accordance of past participe

Now scoring 1 – 2/129 = 98.44%. The issue of past participe’s accordance again: ‘une session du parlement tenue à Nuremberg’ (a session of the Parliament held in Nuremberg) should translate into una sessione di u parlamentu tenuta in Nuremberg. Past participe tenuta should accord with sessione (feminine, session) and not with parlamentu (masculine, Parliament). […]

Past participe or present simple: the disambiguation of French ‘construit’

In the present case, it should read, custruitu à u seculu XII (built in the 12th century). The error relates to the disambiguation of French ‘construit’. It can translate into: custruitu (built): past participe, masculine, singular custruisce (builds): present simple, third person MT should (i) find the proper reference of ‘construit’, i.e. ‘clocher’ (church tower), […]

Can translation help teaching an endangered language?

Can translation help self-teaching and endangered language? It seems yes, it the translation is accurate. Let us check with the verb parlà (to speak). In this case, the translation is 100% accurate, so it can help (but we need to check other verb categories and other tenses). Other verbs of the same group are verbs […]

Language self-reference again

Language self-reference is not as uncommon as one could think at first glance. In the above excerpt, we find another of that issue of ‘language self-reference’ (or ‘target language shift’). French ‘le surnom d’« Old Reliable » (en français, « le Vieux Fiable »).’ should translate into Corsican: ‘u sopranome d’” Old Reliable “ (in […]