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How to Make a Dialectical Plan

My course (duration: 3h20) entitled “How to make a dialectical plan” is online on Udemy.

The course is a pedagogical and practical version of the notions contained in my articles On a Class of Concepts and The Dialectical Plan: For an Alternative to the Paradigm, published in the journal Semiotica. It is a step-by-step method, with exercises, to learn how to make a dialectical plan, using matrices of concepts.

A version of this course in French language is also available.

A Primer on Matrix Dialectic Plan

The book “A Primer on Matrix Dialectic Plan” aims to present in a simple, progressive and illustrated way a methodology created by the author that allows to easily realize a matrix dialectic plan. It is a practical tool that constitutes the direct application of concepts of philosophical essence. Once the principles have been assimilated, it takes only a few seconds to create a dialectical matrix plan, which has a number of advantages over the classic thesis-antithesis-synthesis type dialectical plan.The elaboration of a matrix dialectical plan proves useful in the academic field, for the writing of a dissertation or an assignment in philosophy; in the extracurricular field, for the writing of the test of general subject matter of competitive examinations; and more generally, for the writing of dissertations, theses, reports, reviews, etc. The matrix dialectical plan applies to questions or subjects of the type :

  • Discuss the following opinion: “Every theory is grey, but green and flourishing is the tree of life. “(Goethe)
  • Comment on the following assertion: “How can we suffer passion to be equated with reason?” (Seneca)

The book is extensively illustrated. Practical exercises are also presented, with their corrections.